Colin’s Birth Story

Megan had tremendous control of her body with each breath… Everyone in the room could feel her strength with each contraction…

Let’s rewind to the beginning…

Megan’s labor started at around midnight, when she got up to walk the dog, her water broke. She was 36 weeks along, so it caught her and her husband by surprise! Megan said, “May 16 (36 weeks) I Woke up at just after midnight to pee. About halfway to the bathroom I thought I peed myself. Then I continued to have leakage for about 5 minutes, but I thought it might still be pee.”

She had plans for a natural birth at Salmonberry Birth Center, however, at 36 weeks along those plans changed.

Megan said, “I Called my doula while my husband walked the dog. I wasn’t having contractions. She advised me to call my midwife. The Midwife was at another birth though. Since, my Midwife does not deliver at the birthing center prior to 37 weeks, she advised us to head to local hospital to test for amniotic fluid. By the end of our chat, I started having very mild contractions.  We packed up our stuff and drove 5 minutes to hospital at 1:15am.”

Megan labored at Harrison Medical Center, since contractions were mild. Luckily, the midwife and Doula met them there, so everyone was apart of the birth and supported her. Angie Hotz is an incredible Doula! You could tell there was an unspoken bond between her, Megan, and Ian. Angie was there to support not only Megan, but Ian as well.

Soon, things picked up a lot and the contractions grew stronger…

Megan said, “Around 6am was when I stopped chatting with my hubby, losing focus, talking about how awful it was. I was trying every position to ease through contractions. I wanted to go for a walk, but the next contraction I realized that was a big NOPE. I asked for another check and at 6am I was 6cm.”

During this time, Megan’s husband whispered words of encouragement in her ear when she was saying, “I can’t do it. I can’t do it.” Their connection was so intense, it brought tears to my eyes…. Ian believed in Megan. He knew she could do it and therefore showered her with positive affirmations. You can see their fierce passion for one another in their portraits.

Megan said, “I remember asking to go sit on the toilet again and the nurse told me no because I couldn’t deliver into a toilet. I realized I must be close.

0805 antibiotic through port (don’t remember this)

I told the nurse I felt ready to push. She checked me, and sure enough everything was getting setup moments later and the room was abuzz with people (though I barely noticed). About the time I got my legs up in the stirrups and the delivery doc was gloved up was when my midwife arrived. I’d say this was 820ish? After my first push I reached down and felt his head. Pushing was such a relief for me! After my third (I think it was my third, I’m not positive) push the doc said “one more” and I reached down and felt his head again. It felt like forever before the next contraction came. Despite the roughly ten people in the room, it was so quiet, and I was just looking into my husband’s eyes and hearing Regina Spektor’s rendition of “Real Love.” Ian and I agree we’ll probably never hear that song again without tearing up. My husband (Ian) was my rock through the entire process, and I’m not sure how I would have done it without him. He coached me, encouraged me, and I felt his love through every moment.”

I too felt their love in the room. Every moment I could, I made sure to document their incredible connection.

Moments later at 8:39am, she was able to bring her sweet little babe earthside.

Megan said, “I was able to reach down during my last push and “catch” baby and pull him to my chest. Best thing ever. 6lb 14oz 19 inches 33cm head circumference 8+9 APGAR scores.”

Her pushing was the most controlled I’ve ever witnessed. After Colin was placed on Megan’s chest, Dad instantly reached down to feel the pulse of the umbilical cord slow down. When the pulsing stopped, it was such a heavy hearted moment. Colin was officially on his own maintaining his body and soul.

The little one’s lungs were great, so he got to stay in the room and needed no further treatments besides the steroid shots they gave Mom during labor to help with his lungs. The little guy was nursing right away and getting lots of skin to skin time. Birth is an incredible journey and our bodies are insanely powerful!

Megan, despite the fact that your birth environment wasn’t ideal, you made a hospital birth look beautiful.

Please enjoy Colin’s Birth Story below:





Ashley Grimes Photography showed up at some point during labor, and I barely noticed she was there. I am so happy to have chosen her to be present for the birth of our son and cannot wait to see the images she captured. She is a fantastic person and a delight to have as part of our team.”