Benjamin Thomas’s Birth Story

Benjamin sure wanted a special birth story and to enter the world fast!

This is the first birth I’ve ever missed, which I was bummed about, but I got there to capture all the moments after Ben made his appearance. I was able to capture the intense connection between Ron and Allyson. When she receive Pitocin, Ron was there in a second to help her through the after birth pains. Their son Colton was such a good boy and was full of snuggles with his new little brother. The next day, I visited them for a Fresh 48, when all of Ben’s siblings were there to meet him.

Sometimes, babies just don’t give us enough warning. Allyson called me on her way to the hospital, so I was not far behind them. She mentioned thinking she wasn’t actually in “real” labor when she woke up in the middle of the night, which is why she didn’t call me right away. Babies have a plan of their own and sometimes catch us all by surprise.

Let’s hear about Benjamin’s birth from his Mama, Allyson:

“Benjamin was born on June 9th, 0120, weighing in at 6 lbs 7 oz. and only 19 inches long.

His birth story will forever be my favorite as he didn’t wait for any doctors, or even make it into L&D. 1120 pm on the 7th I started having contractions. Early morning on the 8th we kept having fluid come out. We went into L&D, but of course I was only 3 cm and 50% effaced. Went home to try and get my body to go some more- then back to L&D two hours later. Still only 3 cm but 75% effaced. After we left that time contractions completely stopped. I went to bed at 5, but woke up again around 10 ish. Benjamin wasn’t moving so I bounced around, ate an apple, drank some milk, finally got him moving..and that is when the contractions came full force. Around 11 pm I got into the tub for an hour until everything became unbearable, and fast. Benjamin decided he was coming and there was no stopping him now!! I started pushing in my bed room while Ron rushed the babies to Callie’s. Colton stayed with me so I’m sure I scarred him for life with how I scream during active labor. We got into the Jeep around 1245 and as we were backing out my water broke. The entire way to the hospital (normally a 22 minute drive) I kept telling him we weren’t going to make it- Benjamin was coming! I kept pushing through contractions. When we got to the hospital, I reached down and felt Benjamin crowning. I hobbled over to where Ron was with the wheel chair and kept telling him BT was COMING! As we got off the elevator his head was out.. Ron started running at this point until we saw a doctor, I remember him saying ‘help’! Two more pushes and Benjamin was out as we got to L&D. I remember hearing Benjamin crying and for whatever reason I was scared to pick him up out of my pants. I remember a lot of nurses around me and finally getting ben on my chest and into a room.

My most memorable delivery, and perfect ending to this pregnancy.” -Allyson Oller

Benjamin’s birth story is beautiful and unique. I remember walking into L&D at Naval Hospital in Bremerton seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces. Ben’s birth made it an exciting night for everyone!